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Alexandra " Sandy" Miller

Alexandra “Sandy” Miller was born in Miami to parents who had escaped from the revolution in Hungary.   When she was 21, she left Miami and headed to San Francisco where she worked as a secretary for a Covenant Church there, eventually coming to know Jesus as her personal savior and joining that church.  She met her husband there while he was vacationing in California from Kalamazoo, Michigan.  They married, and she moved to Kalamazoo, but they eventually moved to Jupiter, Florida.  They have two children, a daughter who is a professional ballerina and a son who is in school in Chicago to become an optometrist.   Last August, Sandy and a friend from New York met in Blue Ridge for a girls’ weekend and while staying here, she met a builder who showed her a house he was building and after some due diligence she bought it!  Her neighbors Patty and Doug Morris, and Rebecca and Michael Ferunden, invited her to church after they met her, and felt at home when she came to visit our church and found it to be authentic, and she felt called to be here.   Currently she spends part of her time here, and part of her time in Florida.  We welcome her to our fellowship of Faith.

New Member

Dan Charron

Dan Charron was raised and spent his careers between GA and FL, lastly living in Newberry, FL before retiring as a firefighter with the FL Division of Forestry.  He and Faith member Terri met at work and have continued their romance being married for 35 years. They have three dogs, love animals, and gardening. Above their home door is a sign “Heaven in Hell’s Hollow”, the area of the county they live.  Dan felt the welcome at Faith when he and Terri first attended on a rainy Sunday and Jim Whitley came out into the parking lot to escort them with an umbrella to the door.